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Monarch of the desert
Monarch of the desert
Scarlet Throated Hummingbird
Scarlet Throated Hummingbird
Scarlet Throated Hummingbird


An Affair To Remember
by Gary Jacobson 2001

Lovers are like lilies
Wafting on fragranted breezes
In mystical fields Elysian
With heady bouquet of ambrosian
Far and beyond mortal fate
When souls find their mate
Find a true love affair
Gloriously remember times exceeding fair

Interwoven in sublime rhyme
Forever will knotted souls intertwine
Till the very end of time
Symbiotic relationship preordained to be
Interlaced for life meant for eternity
Star crossed destiny
Formed of celestial moods
Truly a love worthy of the Gods

Bless me with divine love exceeding tender
Perfect love to stand the test of time render
Pure love to confer immortality
Sanctified love most Holy
Yet rife with worldly pleasure
Beyond Idyllic measure

Doves fly from this mortal utopian
Revel in love’s distilled Amazonian
Bearing bonds of tender strength
Love’s accord on the same wavelength
Ever holding the invisible embrace
Forever enjoined in illusory lace

Even if true love is a million miles away
Chimerically in absence hallucinatory
Far and across the forever sea
Forever human heart’s panacea
Walks in dreamy love’s perfumed shadow
A true love abiding always at your elbow

Ever sparkling in fireworks phantasmagoric
Reaching in love to stars meteoric
A man and woman’s spirit truly blends
Life partners bliss earth transcends
Minds of one thought
Desires together in sweet union wrought
Each worshipping the other more than self

In grand love monolithic
Eclipsing gender’s gulf
Each is greater than the other
Eternal father, blessed mother
True love larger by far
Than the sum of its parts
A scriptural, tempestuous, earthy love
Fire and wind imparts
Given spiritually endowed hearts...

A love kissed by immortal essence
Veracious beneficence
Quietude’s tranquil silence
In orbit around you spiraling care
Unwavering devotion genuinely share
Above rainbows whimsy perspective
Love for you
Just you
Love’s central objective!

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