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Heart Sunset

by Gary Jacobson

In this life
Of tempest, tribulation and strife,
You having trouble keeping up with the X's and O's?
Are you caught in mood swings from highs to lows,
Changing politic's woes?

Do you find it hard to choose between life's line,
Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow you may die chime,
Do you follow straight and narrow Iron Rod values
That God always in goodness imbues?

Do people say you're an old stick in the mud?
This earth was in the beginning formed from mud,
from birth there was mud,
And now there's mud,
Mud, mud, mud,
Everywhere mud,
If you don't walk a higher plane
Through this world of sorrow and pain.
splashy raindrops

If you can walk through tempest and storm,
Make of life a righteous art form,
With each passing day more blessings you will gain.
If you don't, You have no one else to blame,
If you do not progress, but stay the same.
So with inspirations fiery flame,
Move ever foreward through life's rain,
Till a higher glory you obtain.

Hi Sometimes life resembles cotton candy
A litle floss, a little fluff just dandy.
Sometimes life will give you a sugar high,
Make you feel like you could touch the sky.
When you are down and feeling fussy,
Life feels so warm and fuzzy,
When at long last you hit the bull's eye,
From on top of the world your spirit's fly.

hiding eyes Do you feel like a snowman still and cold,
Standing lonely watch stiff and bold,
Alone planted solitary on a hill,
Just gazing over hummock and rill,
Ouststanding in your field,
As the world passes by without giving yield.

Do you feel all patriotic and warm of heart
When the flag passes by?
Does it reach out and grab you in that part
In the pit of your being where the emotions start?
Does that grand sight make you wanna cry
When you see our flag waving on high?
When you salute is there a tear in your eye?
Do you with appreciation for its goodness sigh?
God make us
Semper Fidelis...

Remembering all things Old Glory stands for,
That cruel Asian war,
Foreign battlefields filled with blood and gore.
Do you remember men who fought for freedom,
To keep this a land of hallowed Christendom
American soldiers standing ever ready
To shed very life in martyrdom

children of the world

Do you feel lost in somebody else's parade,
Confetti falling all around make your goals
From sight quickly fade?
Are you last to catch on in life's game of charade?

Have the faith of little children in good cheer,
For God is hovering ever near.
Soon confetti confusions will clear,
Relieving all trepidation and fear.

When you're caught in a zig-zag world,
Mid a plethora of problems unfurled,
Out of step,
Of all hope bereft...
Unsyncopated and out of rhyme,
Everybody else walking a straight line.
gears When you feel you've slipped a gear
Be of good cheer,
Hear, hear...
Watch and listen carefully to life's tune.
Have faith in harmonic rhythm playing soon.
Once again in step you'll soon swing along,
Again sing life's sweetest song.

chrome note gears

When you feel life is non-stop running,
Always drizzling,
Filled to overflowing with frizzles,
Forever falling in a sereies of pastel dribbles.
At times like that it's no use for quibbles.
alladin's Lamp Just settle down,
Breath deeply, from deep and deeper down...
Living and loving will get better as days go by,
If you will but with all your might try.

Be ye of heartened cheer,
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All watercolor backgrounds are from the creative mind and brush of Brownielocks...

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