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I do believe in faeries,
Bearing a forest of uncertainties,
For mid the deep, dank green
Lies bewitching ambiguities,
Like a beguiling wood nymph unseen...
I believe in other world anomalies,
A brighter world where life tis a jubilee.
Where ye race with butterflies
Mid hedge tall barberries,
Their green yellowed blossoming
Faerie folk adorn,
Flitting carefree in the morn,
A gusto life living
From the day they art borne,
From life's bountiful horn...
I would ride with thee faerie
On wind dancing across the mountains
In your beguiling jubilee.
I twould flit across the staunch curtains
Standing twixt this life and the hereafter
And along our journey
Fill our cups with laughter.
In the moonlit night
Passing midnight,
Silver beams
Weave through the branches,
To a time where mystical romance rises
In the moonlit night
Passing midnight...
Featly tripped the knight round
Nimbly passing into deep forest sod bound
To dance with the faeries
To leave behind mortal miseries.
Defying all logic
Bearing determined course strategic
On stalking feet barely touching ground
He wished to live in a world of magic,
Bore a haunting wish esoteric
Passing exotic...
But the knight met with outcome tragic,
For the faerie way
Was not to be his way.
For at the end of day,
Though he saw them cavorting with unicorns
In the wood,
And thought to join with them he would,
The knight left with an empty outcome.
He left lost dreams in the forest brume.
For faerie secrets borne mid woodland tare,
Hiding in our imagining,
In deep shadows abiding fair,
Art not given to mortal men...
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