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Iíll Love You Forever

by Gary Jacobson

anidove I promise to love you forever
As long as stars in the sky brightly shine
In your arms a doting dream believer
Worshipped faithfully, true love as mine.
Your hallowed heart fills my greatest treasure
Wrapped in moonlight sublime
Devoted in loves adoration fever
Dedicated to your love till the end of time
I'm immersed raptly in your forever...

Your eyes slant ever upward toward heavenís cloud
In witness my being in celestial fire is consumed.
In adoration of your truth humbly proud
I'll honeyed glory sing to your praises adorned.
Iíll with joyous adulation your purity eulogize
Smoldering within your being forever absorbed
Impassioned words received and given idolize.
To your happiness my wish forever committed
Extolling sacred roles divinely consecrated
Intoned in synchronicity of thought consummated.

True love with diligence I allege
Affirming a plea to loveís insanity
Sacrificing to bring meaning my pledge.
Yet I'll cherish forever binding promise's fidelity
To the depths of my being a fine honed edge.
Yet two diamonds in the sky found floating ethereal
Find a love for eternity of quality gilt-edge.
I'll give venerable love its obligation
Finding love's truly real...
Thrilling to hallowed skies eternal celebration
An abiding moment steal
Enraptured by heavenly loveís rotation
Enamored by articulated affection's salutation.

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