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by Gary Jacobson

In a boat on a river
The silvery moon but a cascading sliver.
Contentment in my heart does abide,
With you, loving me, by my side.

Oh what joy that sentence gives
With comfort a peaceful being lives
Far from scurried world a thousand miles away
In solemn solemnity touching holy,
Gently sway.

Listening to the high pitched cicada rhythm
In concert with droning frogs singing with them
In deep sonorous bass
Bestowing heavenly grace.

Firefly’s on the balmy breeze flickering,
Crickets melodious bickering
Harmonizing on a soft summers eve,
Give presentment of life
Grander than any can conceive.

Reading a book while away we drift
Far from maddening crowd down a ribboned rift
Casually knifing over silvered highway crack
All around us whispering black.

In the night of a thousand stars
From Jupiter to mars
A low rustling the only sound
Gentle waters on the boat lapping round.

In all fulfilling tranquillity
mid natures grandest symphony
Giving secret pleasure softly adorn
In the light of a tender surreptitious moon
I’m reborn...

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