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Before The Next Teardrop Falls

I shed a heartbroken tear
Each time we part,
Deep inside a part of me dies.
Every time you are no longer near
I feel empty and forlorn.
When you are away from me,
In the pit of my being I mourn...

Tho I know you’ll be back soon...
I know I must give you room
To freely go your way...
To spread your wings
Without my constant attendings,
For at end of day,
You’ll always come back to me
I pray...

For true loving
Lies at the heart of knowing
When to let go
So deeper love has air to grow.
True love must not suffocate,
Held too closely with amour asphyxiate,
Preventing true and tender caring
From freely blossoming...
Held too tightly
Empassioned love can obliterate,
Loves sweet song stagnate.

For pure love is like a rose
That only in full sun, air and rain grows.
Tho when you are gone my soul cries.
A part of me truly dies...
I know my love will return
If freedoms secrets I learn.

Love is like a delicate breath of air,
Giving profound despair.
For I cannot hold vaporous air,
As I cannot hold you with ties physical,
Only bonds spiritual.
Only then can my empty heart
Find lasting fullment’s greatest work of art...
Abiding happiness flowing
Off the chart...
To me the good life sowing.

So in true love be smart...
For sincere caring demands
Each have an equal part,
A hallowed,
Bond of patient affection
Without abandoning dereliction.

But know if anything ever hurts you
And makes you cry
Don't worry your sweet head a second,
Don't concern yourself about why...

Just know that I am there
Whenever life starts to play hardball.
I'll pick you up if you should fall,
If on your life a heavy rain starts to fall.
I'll be there to wipe away your tears,
For no fears are too small...

I'll stand by you,
I'll protect you,
I'll comfort you,
I'll lay down my very life for you.
If storm clouds overhead brightness palls
Upon your life with bittered rancor galls...
Know I'll be there before the next teardrop falls!

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