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dove The God Of My Childhood touch

copyrighted 1999 by Gary Jacobson

Where is the God of my childhood,
The omnipotent father of man?
Surely the head of the High Priesthood,
His eternal plan
Omniscient, awesome, grand
Wants me to understand
To return to this most magnificent Man.
Where is the God of my childhood?
Where is the glorious Father of Man?
Where is the High Priesthood,
The “good news” salvation plan?
Where is the great law giver,
This Extraordinary Man?
Where is His plan of salvation,
Leading to exaltation?

Where is the God of my childhood?
Why won’t he answer my humble pleas
Of the man who in his name
Thorns and tares of the tempter withstood?
Does He know that for freedom
I too shed lifeblood?
His son beloved, wants to know Him,
To love Him,
Without confusing bedlam.
I know I am sinful in His eyes.
For that I've cried a thousand cries.
Why does He not hear my contrite cry,
When for Him I would most assuredly die?
I know I've strayed from the course,
So stand now with great remorse

I offer supplicating pleas for forgiveness,
So I may win eternal happiness
Be welcomed into the arms of bliss
Live in His presence in that loving glory
Foretold in biblical story.
With all my heart I loved
The God of my childhood above
Who would lead me,
Guide me,
Walk beside me,
Help me find the way,
Teach me all that I should know,
To live with Him some day.
The God of my childhood
The divine head of my Godly parenthood,
Would offer His forgiveness,
Bearing a Father's fondness
Even for one such as I,
A soul rebellious as I
Still a chosen one in his eye.

My God would want this child of His back,
To dwell in His presence for eternity.
He would want in my allegiance no slack.
My childhood God would give me His strength
Go to any length
That I His chosen one
His beloved son,
Might see His divinity apparent
Thereby filling mortal role of parent
Might His Godlike love give back,
To my children without neglectful lack...
The Head of the Godhood would help me
If He could.
He wouldn't allow me
To wander the evil wood
Alone without his Word in this desolate land,
This omnipotent man
My God would reach out a mighty hand
To pull me from the quicksand’s mire,
Pull me from the clasp of evil’s grasp,
Rescue me from the lake of Hell’s fire
Ever burning!
My childhood God
Would at the end of life's tunnel
Be the bright shining light.
My God would stand as truth's Holy sentinel,
Not messages misunderstood funnel.
My God would help me through confusion,
Help me to find His eternal way,
Through darkened disillusion
Find the way when day is done
Back to His flesh and blood son.

My God would abide with me,
Through tempest and storm shelter me
At end of day.
Stand with me
He would not leave me in disarray.
Now that it’s eventide,
My God would not from me
His great goodness hide...
My childhood God would feed
His son starving,
Caught in dire need.
He would quench the parched thirsting,
Grieve for a child indeed
For refreshing drink aggrieving.

My childhood God
Would show unto me His righteous “Iron Rod,”
Leading back to His holy presence
Through Celestial laws adherence.
Through comforting solace
Would my God lend,
Most assuredly extend
Sufficient to justify
His great love unto such as I
Even to a prodigal son accursed,
Floundering amid life’s valley worst.
My God has vowed to love me unconditionally,
My childhood God wouldn’t turn his back on me,
No matter what I’d done.
Even in the blackest hour you see,
My God is my proverbial one,
That has often told me
I'm His chosen one.

He is truly my father of flesh and blood
Ruling all from Celestial courts above.
He has promised to shower down a flood
Of His divine love,
Blessings so rich I cannot hold them
All I have to do is love Him...
Love Him...
Love Him...
Now I am weary, forsaken, Lost,
Tempest tossed,
And so all alone.
I'm crying forlornly to atone,
Without purpose walking alone
Feeling in my heart no burning,
No divine meaning.

I'm lost in life’s strife,
Tho I toiled in God’s vineyard in life.
In His Holy Name for the gospel's light,
I fought for freedom and right
With all might fought His good fight
My all sacrificed.
Wouldn't my God now help me find lost sight,
Thru travail of tears evilly enticed?
I want so badly to appease,
Help me dear God,
My Father, help me,
Won't thee please
Help me?
Won’t thee give divine forgiveness,
Part my veiled clouds
Of hopelessness,
Through darkning shrouds
Bring this lost sheep back
Into the shepherd’s fold?
He's hungry,
And thirsty,
Wanting only a Heavenly Father to hold,
To believe in through this mortal din.

I'm lying in the shadow of the valley
Of despair’s bellicoseness,
Enmired in blinded alley,
In lost hopelessness
Still searching for lilies of the valley Holy,
Still far beyond worthlessness,
I’m not a throw away man
I'm not an evil bogeyman.

For within me lie attributes of good,
Abilities to help brotherhood,
If the God of my childhood
Would just hear my plea.
Why won't He rescue a child rebellious as me?
Doesn’t He see?
Doesn’t He understand?
All I ask for is His hand.
Does God truly love me?
Does He truly hear me?
Can He hear the pleading
Of a prodigal a helping hand needing?
Why won’t He love and lead me?
Oh Lord, guide me,
Walk beside me,
Help me find the way...
Lord, why won't Thee show all that I must know
To live with Thee someday?
Why doesn’t my childhood God answer me?
Why doesn't this omnipotent man
Hear the impassioned plea?
I so want to follow His plan.

Why doesn't he hear the angered
Agonized despair?
Doesn't He care?
My faith is tattered and torn
Won't he pull me from the mire
Reach out to rescue his chosen one forlorn
Still my foolish ire?
Pull me from the tempests raging
With Thy atoning grace saving...

I want to embrace my God...
Cleave unto His Iron Rod...
What does His silence mean?
Could the silence mean
God’s not truly
Not really


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