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Welcome ye Lords and Ladies fair
to mine most regal

Realm Of Poetry

Forsooth, tis a plethora of poetry herein to peruse
Methinketh so much variety from which to choose.
Several directories I invite ye to sit back and analyze,
Pearls of wisdom give to thy spirituality rise
Here in the words crafted, find love,
Knightly Quests, Comedy or surprise...
Or ye may wish with these poems thy garden to fertilize.

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arrowTHRUheart Realm Of Poetry
Love And Romance

Tender Love In Dreams Doth Come,
Moon River
Kissed By A Rose
I'll love You Forever
Before The Next Teardrop Falls
There Is No Tomorrow
An Affair to Remember
For No One
Sometimes I Cry
True Love Blooms
First Kiss
Your Kiss,
Some Say love...,
Forever Love,
Love's Rainburst,
You Mean Everything To Me,
Your Love Makes Me A King

Fantasy Love

Heart Of Glass

Searching For You
Light Fantastic

Love's Good Vibrations
Then Kiss Me Sweet And Twenty

Anniversary Of My Heart

aniroseblum Realm Of Potpourri Poetry
The Peacemaker Cometh
Stormy Weather
Golden Oldie Tour
King Of The Sky
Black Magic Woman
The Rose
Soar With The Eagles
Ring Of Fire
Look To The Sea
Spirit Of The Wind,
Sled Dog Race
40 And Holding
Golden Oldies Drive In
Buffalo Bill
Online Novel Werecoon
My Dog Chance
Keep On Dancing
Textures Of Life
Blackbird Singing At Twilight
This Olde House
Beauty of the Earth Festival

anidove Realm Of Spirituality And Meditation
An Angel's Message
I'll Walk With God
The Hand Of God
One Day At A Time
Over The Rainbow
Rainy Nights
Closer Walk With Thee
Pennies From Heaven
Morning Breaks
Choose The Right
Pearls Of Wisdom
To Touch The Sky
Where Is My Childhood God

Realm Of Places of Peaceful Solitude raven
Somewhere Out There
Paintbrush Sky
Pure Mountain Peace
Frigid Mountain Peace
Peace Of Autumnal Fire
Peaceful Cove
Deep Purple Night
Hands Across Time
Magnificent Sea
Serenity In The Desert
The Millennium Tree

Tribute To My Mother
Peace Rose
Sunrise, Sunset
The Tragedy Of Alzheimers
A Mother's Love
A Mother's Rose
Withering Rose

VIETNAM PICTURE TOUR from the lens of a combat infantryman
Through pictures and poetry, take a walk in "the park" with the 1st Air Cavalry on combat patrol. Experience the chilling reality that will give the sweet and sour taste of Nam on your tongue, leave the pungent smell of Nam acrid in your nostrils, and imbed textures of Nam burning in your brain as though you were walking beside me in combat. Come don't want to live forever do you?

dramamsks Realm Of Comedy Poetry
Why Is The Grass Always Greener On the Other Side Of The Fence
Women And Cats
They Ate Big Bird
You've Got Spam
To Ponder?

lionheartshield Quests Of Richard Lionheart
The Crusades
Quest For The Holy Grail
The Crystal Knight
Knight School
Knight And LadyKaye
Dueling Dragons
Golden Dragon

candy cane Holiday Poems
Medieval Knightmare Quest spook alley
Wintertime Is A Gay Time
The Snowman Ball
Sugarplums Dancing In my Head

hummbird RoseNtulips hummbird

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