Somewhere Out There
by Gary Jacobson
anidove Somewhere out there
Peace on earth people declare
Brotherly love abounds everywhere
For our Master's source of life is love
A sacred essence distilled from courtyards above
Carried on gossamer wings of a snow white dove
Eternal principles of peace
Giving to new life joyous lease.
anidove Somewhere out there
People genuinely care
Neighbors really love their neighbors as themselves
Embracing differences as enmity dissolves
Truest loving in harmonious hope evolves
Away from life’s indignities the Evil One hurled
Finding finite compassion infinitely pearled
Shangri-La’s paradise envelops the world.
anidove Somewhere out there
The good life is flowered with fragrance blooming rare
Purest happiness magnificently glorious
Pursuit of the good life a feast delightsomely delicious
Joy heralds the bouquet of life with love so fair
Mankind stressful tensions from weary hearts tear
Vulgar strife forever lost in memories' dimming past
Hails priceless liberty at long last.
anidove Somewhere out there
There’s no need for the rockets' red glare
For men no longer caught in the thousand yard stare
No need for bombs bursting in air
Their swords long obsolete beaten into plow shares
Spears hammered into pruning hooks echo peaceful cares
A sound in loving trust, abolishing hating,
Allayed envying turned to giving.
anidove Somewhere out there
Waits a world at the top of a golden stair
Where mankind eludes political ambitions' aspirations
Escapes tribulations sounded in vile exhortations
Emanating voices hearing war gun’s ovations
Babel voices aberrations spreading to all the nations
Hatings reigning cacophonous in the din of noisy confusions
Despoiling youth’s grand castled illusions.
anidove Somewhere out there
Lie greener pastures, greater riches to bear
Showering gifts of family, loved ones and friendship
People looking for fruitful relationship
Worth much more than all the gold people worship
Seeking in gentle kindness spiritual bliss
Tender fragility of fleeting life precious
Trust worth more than coffers of jewels capricious.
anidove Somewhere out there
Lies a spirit of love free to share
Opening crumbling webs woven tightly in ageless mystery
From past to present telling their story
Revealing for our future life’s judicious history
Shining learning light unearthing gracious beings prize
Harmonious nuggets of freedom whispered in softest sighs
Luxurious hope revived in fair amazement
Rest ye well in sweet dream’s contentment.

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