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by Gary Jacobson


Behold the king of kings,
Thine Shepherd, Saviour, Friend.
Following him exaltation brings,
for thru the Lord doth the good life wend.
His fabric of life
Will enlightenment send,
To free mankind from sorrow and strife.
anidove With Christ by thy side
Thee wilt never walk alone.
With the Lord of Hosts abide,
For all wrongdoing The good Lord will atone,
Forever be thine spiritual guide...
His solace and comfort given,
Will lead thee back to heaven.
anidove For all eternity,
From start to end,
The Good Lord will make the blind to see,
And the lame will walk mine friend.
He wilt grace with new sight,
A God's love wilt lend,
To His children hungering for Celestial light.
He will forthright send,
Divine relief from this worlds blight.
anidove I long to leave this frail existence by,
Live in a place where the lame walk
And the deaf hear,
Live with the Lord in His Celestial home on high,
Where the Lord bestows bountiful blessings dear,
On brothers and sisters far and near.
anidove There the souls of men never die,
For pure truth reasoned doth appear,
The simple message sigh,
Hearing, no longer ask why,
From the gospel of love never veer,
For the Lamb of God has no peer.
anidove There is no need to run,
No need for mortal fear.
The good Lord sees all under the sun,
For sinners sheds a saddened tear.
anidove He has promised to listen,
To faithful pleadings from mortal hearts.
Purest love in His loving eye doth glisten.
The Saviour of man imparts,
Purest love his great Word
Stills sinful darts,
Given to return beloved children preferred,
To the loving arms of the shepherd,
anidove I'll walk with God
From this day on...
Our blessed God,
I'll follow
For He is the Saviour of this earth,
And Him alone will I follow
To sacred rebirth,
Beyond mortal travail and sorrow.
anidove We are truly lambs of His fold.
To find the one that is lost,
Hungry and helpless and cold
Tempest tossed,
He will leave the 90 and nine,
To rescue a soul such as mine,
Rebellious as mine,
A soul sinful as mine,
Abandoned and forlorn,
Brought back to His loving arms sublime,
Free from spotted sin shorn
To His most holy presence divine.

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