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Life Of A Righteous Man
by Gary Jacobson

anidove A righteous man rising from earth
Stands before heavenís gate
Awaiting spiritual rebirth
Sealed by his deeds his fate
anidove As Celestial trumpets sound
Choirs of angels hallelujah sing
Fatherís almighty miracle all round
In blessed faith will ring
anidove O honored is this goodly man
Who kept strong in his heart the gospel Word
In righteous life, all his life, kept his Fatherís plan
Principles borne without evasion, or shirking absurd.
anidove Embodied in Kayís sweet spirit are precepts of love
His beloved family, his eyeís delight
Teaching lifeís lessons distilled from courtyards above
Bearing pure honesty in earthly dominion forthright.
anidove His shield of faith quenched fiery darts of the wicked
Protected Christís blessed gospel choice
Vanquished onrushing tides of demonís pricked
Goodly example, Kayís Pearl Of Great Price.
anidove From youth Kay took upon himself the armour of God
His mission blessed, to withstand the evil hour
Bearing his sword of spirit, the word of God
To whom Kay gave all glory and power.
anidove Kay lovingly bore the breastplate of righteousness
Shod his feet with preparations of the gospel of peace
Evil deflected by loins girt about with truthfullness
In humility he wore the helmet of salvation,
That Godís kingdom in his familyís bosom never cease.
anidove Kay, by example delivered souls from the wicked
Prepared his field white, all ready to harvest
Rescued souls on lifeís turbulent seas shipwrecked
Earned blessings so rich the wicked one cannot
his bounty devest.
anidove Kay celebrated the life of Christ
In his life, in word and deed
Every day, in every way, a lasting sacrifice
Planted the gospel seed
anidove O see now the triumphant reunion with his family
Gathered in joy around the Lord
On heavenly shores purest beauty of the Lily
Joined now by cherubimís, and a flaming sword.
anidove Gone now but awhile, to prepare the way
For his celestial mate, Neilene
Bruce, Annette, Leniece, Kathy, Terrie
Kay's pride and joy,
To consecrate a sacred, divine dream.


My tribute to this man,
who called a recalcitrant "son in law," son,
is that I never knew a man who so lived his beliefs,
in love, in faith, in sacred devotion. Truth, honesty,
and hard work, were more than mere bywords to Kay.
They were principles of his life.
They were foundations upon which he stood!
I know of no man that lived them more completely
than did he...loved his family more than did he.

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