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beatheart Anniversary Of My Heart beatheart

by Gary Jacobson

One man,
One wife,
Two hearts,
One Life.
One path,
Four eyes,
Four legs that belie the math,
Two hearts beating as one
Give blissful surprize...
Eternal joy that love brings,
Is a thrilling roller coaster ride,
Two hearts that with one voice sings,
Thru highs and lows with me abide.
Deepest love for you soaring as high
As the eagle does fly...
Our heritage tree
Sprouted four lovely branches,
Our beautiful family,
Being enhances...
So let me be your Teddy Bear,
And love you everywhere...
So my lovely Terrie Kay,
Bearing wafting fragrance on air I breath
With perfumed bouquet of new mown hay,
Are you ready for another decade...
Or two my dear...
What do you say,
Shall we join the parade,
To live and love another day...
Keeping marriage strong patience requires,
With tolerance abiding
Communication inspires...
And lots and lots of necking.
May our troubles melt like fudgesickles
On a hot summer afternoon.
With loving fates not fickle,
Our lives festoon.
Marriage has molded us into two peas
In a pod.
Think only of these peas please,
Not frozen ones to hit me over the head with
From the deep freeze.
While I'm a double-dipper,
The good life you exalt.
While I'm a flipper power tripper,
In our marriage you are the salt...
And I am the pepper.
Of all our ties that bind,
The most important part,
Our love grown into the stronger kind,
Your loving does impart.
Sweet time has given excitement and fun,
Yet peace of mind.
So we could never feel apart...
For our Anniversary
I made a special herbal brew...
Just for you.
Will bring to your cheeks rosy glory,
To life give a lifetime glue,
Improve systems cardiovasculatory,
Leaving me forever loving you.

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