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Blackbird Singing At Twilight

by Gary Jacobson

O blackbird, blackbird,
Singing glorious songs at twilight
Sent to carry me away in the dead of night
To destiny
Hear mine fervent plea...
Stay thy glistening black wings awhile
I'm warmed and loved yet for another mile

Though tempestuous travails prove arduous
There's rye yet in tall bluegrass
Gleaming yet in wispy smiles
In darkning eyes that charm beguiles
Compassions find whatever may come to pass
In life yet fragile as hand blown glass
Friends and lovers round warm me
Forsooth, for life's long journey arm me

So blackbird, fly away to come another day
On faint cool breezes ambrosial array
Stay yet thine wings seductive freedoms
Flitting among aromatic blossoms
Soar deep into soft pines in fragrance sashay
Forestalled yet by flattering allurements
Hypnotized in perfumed entrancements
I’m not yet ready for earthly banishment

Delay your journey just a bit
Enjoy yet awhile forests cool respite
Breathe in pines sensual enchantment
Feel empathy in its heady scent
Burrow in blackened earth fresh worms to eat
As nearby streams splashing along rocky path beat
Mesmerized by mine subtle enticement
Its flowered bouquet mine seductive entrapments

For dozens of springtimes yet will pass
As I toil in life's soggy morass
Yet now comes understanding to darkness eschew
Still so much to do before day is through

I mean to solicit final judgements abatement
Seek a season more's enjoyment
Seek to breathe nectar of life's fullfillment
Then, and only then, I will with thee wing
O blackbird, blackbird,
Hear glorious angel's sing

Dedicated to Pris...
A veritable synonym of courageous

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