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shimmering sunset

If in this life the world is too fast spinning,
And You're feeling
Like just another splat in the box,
From a sky raining nothing but rocks?
Do people wish on you a pox?
Do you feel life's closing in on you,
Coloring your world in somber always blue,
Knocked to your knees with stains imbrue.
pretty penney If you would give a pretty penney pretty penney
If you had luck any...
You might give all your baubles
To rid yourself of life's little foibles.
For life is too confining,
Too hard to do what you want to be doing.
When everybody tells you, you can't,
Just remember that ant
Who moved the rubber tree plant.
Just stand up, shake it off,
Your hat to your troubles doff.

When you feel you're rollerskating in a buffalo herd,
Embroiled in an existence absurd,
Feeling life is too hard...
Just let down your guard.
When things look forlornly bleakest;
When you're feeling from life's roils weakest,
Life will give you a rose, Peace Rose
In solemnity propose,
Just knuckle down,
buckle down,
and do it,
Do it,
Do it.

When life's an endless game of pick-up-sticks,
And you're takin' way too many licks,
From a Tazmanian devil dancing on your head.
And the only color you see is red...
Taz Tornado

It is hard to read between life's lines,
Especially when dressed to the nines.
For life is just a cabaret
Where you're always on display.
Sometimes you feel like King Tut,
Just a'strutting your stuff...
King Tut
Life always seems to throw you a curve,
And no matter how much you duck and swerve,
The ball always lands in your court.
Sometimes the ball contains news that is bad,
Of surly retort.
Oft times it bounces with goodly report.
Either way, you must deal with it or abort.
In these times it is how yourself you comport,
Upon which man or woman is judged,
How from bad to good you've bridged.
In trying times worth is determined
In quiet dignity.
For where lesser beings buckle ignominiously,
The greater handle themselves with propriety,
With honest civility,
Bearing utmost courtesy.

hiding eyes Do you feel life is little more
Than a game of tic-tac-toe,
Confused X's,
Confused O's,
Knowing not knowing where to go?

Do you feel morals,
And scruples,
Have melted into the past,
Where matters only how quick and how fast,
To determine if till the end you last?

You may be surprised
To learn life has more in store,
Than mundane things that bore,
Of life that living makes exceeding sore.
alladin's Lamp
The good life is no magic hallucination,
It's moving free of trepidation,
Chock full of tribulation,
Gladdening exhaltation>
The world is a life of love, of brotherhood,
That reaches out and grabs you,
As it should. handgrab
And goodly friends,
To see you to journey's end!

alladin's Lamp Does everying in circles twist around
Pushing your spirits right into the ground?
Do you hear that humming sound
The world makes when it's spinning round?
When all people pull together industrious,
To a far off future harmonious,
Most illustrious.
Won't life then be grand
Want to make you join with the band
Take my hand...

Do you believe it?
When people actually love their neighbor
The world is as one in love's labor,
Then earth becomes heavens's harbor,

alladin's Lamp Everybody seems going every which way,
Helter skelter mid a man made fray,
Out of step, out of rhyme,
Right out of a deifferemt time,
Totally inept,
Feeling fires burning higher around your feet crept.
You then must take the higher ground,
hiding eyes With the eye of an eagle look round,
With keen judgement determine,
Away and above that human induced famine,
Find a course that is true,
To you...
Eye of divinity proper pathways give clue.

When life is hectically in a furor,
Step back, and look in a mirror.
hiding eyes At yourself take a good long look.
Life's an open book,
But there's a hook...
Withering Rose
If you find roses in your garden wilting, Don't think of quitting...
If you don't like what you see, change it!
Customise it,
Rearrange it.
But whatever you do,
Always to that being inside be true!

pearlhand These pearls of great price,
Words of Wisdom spoken precise...
Is my gift to you With hopes it will your life with greatness imbue.
Life here is beautiful if you will let it be.
America is a joyous land brave and free.
The master of earth and skies in love doth sow...
Treasures awaiting just over the rainbow.
So love thee may bountifully know,
So love in peace...
In cherished hearts of man will grow.

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