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animonarch Adoration...
rosebud My Dog Chance buterflygorgeous
dog I feel a cold nose my hand nuzzling,
look down into deep brown pools worshipping
looking up at me
In complete adoration
All body and soul genuine adulation
a river in devotion stretching
from his eyes to mine in pure loving.

The flow of consummate love fills me tail wagging dog
His loving eyes locked on me
in perfect love's devotion
In deepest affection
in his passion unfeigned warming
the puppy love syndrome
sharing the harvest of home.

I carress Chance's willing muzzle real relaxed dog
feel velvety down smoothness bedight
sloping below flaming windows of light
from his soul heralding
impassioned gaze of simple worshipping
total adoration burning
in his eyes fervently
bearing unconditional love solemnly
of abiding sensitivity
Chance looks upon me
with such devout fixation
wide-eyed constantly
in longing emotion
"pet me" in his eyes
wherein lies a glacial chasm
of forgiving absolution
deep seated contrition
focusing strong...
In his eyes I can do no wrong.
hyper dog Chance loves
with love most tender
knowing no bound or gender
tolerating his masters weaknesses
seeking the thrill of his soul
his ultimate reward my carresses
seeing with nonjudgemental inpunity
caring not for my life's meaning or futility.
and frustration
dog running paws
Chance is indeed sanity's salvation
For his innocent love waxes
with deep affection
feelings running rife with elation
ardent veneration
far inward to the soul extending
love to the heart penetrating
tremulously my heart palpatating
holding his mouth with unutterable expression
throbbing undulation
For me, his unbridled love addiction.
His profound love is real
for it touches with the felan feel
with his love he does sore spirit heal...
I am the object of his desire,
his aspiration
his joyful exaltation
will never expire
serving me his sole avocation
I am his bastion of strength
and he is mine...
shadow run
Chance is touched with jubilation
Touched with solemn tarnation
content in a role of subordination
in the eye of intense wind atone
private eye keening to me alone
rich am I in his complete idolatry
I am his sole deity
his sacred Lord
his Master...
I am his religion
his life's ringmaster
his be all
his everything end all.
majestic Profound sagacity fills him
bubbling with love his eyes brim...
with wisdom of the ages
carried down by all the canine sages...
His enduring love fills me
with an ineffable relation
unfettered desires exhilaration
ethereal loves finest salutation
exultations in his protecting gaze of caring
of a kinship bond bearing
willing to sacrifice very heart and soul
for me...

Oh that all love could be like Chance's walking dog
Even my wife does not on bended knee
in innocent adoration
look upon me
with wide-eyed worshipping
her cold nose my hand nuzzling...


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