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Just A Closer Walk With Thee

by Gary Jacobson 2000


Make a joyful noise unto the Lord,

the anointed one adored.

With the holy spirit employ,

express deep seated feelings of great joy,

giving praises from a heart triumphant,

be ye in your adoration exuberant.

Be not ashamed of our Father God,

His glory and honor laud.

Let the spirit sing out

with unrestrained enthusiasm,

filling hearts to bursting,

with abundant cheering.

Be ye not cast down

wearing solemn sobrieties frown,

to own and love the Saviours crown,

to sing praises to Father God above,

to show for Him eternal love.

For His namesake,

this joyful noise make,

all is well,

shout it from the mountain tops,

all is well.

Ring out that profuse, blithe spirit,

with an eternal fire in the soul lit.

Rejoice for the good news of the kingdom,

let pure delight laden our hearts gladden,

with the glory of God's message.

heralding return to his side passage.

Bask in the light of eternal love

proclaim proclamations Angel's brought from above,

with joyful song

to quell the unrighteous throng.

Let joy ring out

in Celestial shout.

Father God is love,

offering the peace of the dove.

In thankful triumph love the Father evermore,

your Lord and king adore.

All glory give Father on high,

let joyful heaven and earth reply

With joyful noise ringing,

a tumultuous shout from his holy fortress singing.

To our holy God and king,

let rich and thundering hosannahs ring.

For Emmanuel His son,

Christ Jesus, the anointed one,

let our mouths breathe eternal fire,

For the Lord of the Kingdom

to which all men aspire.

Sing with empassioned praise,

the good news from the very rooftops raise.

Join with the chorus of angels praising from on high,

with all creatures created make joyous reply.

Give praise to the Lord with a voice heartfelt,

a voice that will care and sorrow melt.

For thou art riding to the kingdom

on chariots of fire,

overwhelmed by the glory

saving mankind from a life so dire.

Truth and wisdom are glorious things,

so raise the message this hope brings,

in worshipful acclaim,

till the end God proclaim.

God's splendor shines as the noonday sun bright,

with honest luster gives realities light.

None shall find promises vain,

of a God who made heaven

and earth

and sky,

an eternal link

this eternal chain...

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