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Keep On Dancing

by Gary Jacobson

ghostdancers ghostdancers ghostdancers ghostdancers ghostdancers

Dancing with the rhythms of the night

with the weary world

a million miles away

out of sight


and groov’n

till the night leaks bright.

dancehieroglyphs dancehieroglyphs dancehieroglyphs dancehieroglyphs dancehieroglyphs

Strangers in the night

come together dancing


rising and moving

as waves of the sea

to the beat softly swaying

making love to the music.

dancingmacaroni dancingmacaroni dancingmacaroni

The music is pounding

a jungle rhythm beat

that grants harmony to the soul

whether waltzing

fox trotting

or rock ‘n rolling

the joyful tune has toes tapping.

dancingbabies dancingbabies dancingbabies dancingbabies dancingbabies

Matters not whether you're young

with a future bright in front of you

or whether most of life's song you've sung



and blue

with most of life's highlights behind you.

There's still life left for dancing.


In this shining moment

of hot frenzied


with a tickle and a giggle

taking a lickin’

merrymakers keep on tickin’

letting it all hang out

doing the funky chicken.

funkychik who said white chicks can't dance funkychik

Forsaking all care

losing a worldful of woes

to the beat

wild hearts racing

in the music’s heat



blasting out of life’s rut.

dancingMummy dancingMummy dancingMummy

Women floating in satin prom dresses

or just wearing jeans

dudes in black tie and tails bedight

or just wearing jeans,

but it matters not

as stars foment

poised in fragrant night

fevered passion of mystical moment.

country 2steppers country 2steppers

Revelers together are thrown

in sheer joy erupt

to moving tone

gently swaying

feverishly abrupt

in merriment twinkling

waves of according romance

the harmony of a soul

faithfully dedicated to the dance.


In music face-to-face

youthful hearts race

as he and she meet

mid a party going on

mid frenetic dancing feet

mid impassioned song

that lasts the whole night long.

Dancing Indian dancesunflwr Dancing Indian1

In bliss most magical

of suggestive undulations

sensuous motion abounding


in life's abberations


living life like a house afire

stamping living exclamations

being animals on fire.

shakelmo shakelmo shakelmo

Make love to life's music

with rhythm life enhance

with harmony basic

live for the dance

for there's only one go 'round in life,

only one chance

so fill your cup to the brim

let the good life begin.

dancingfrog dancingfrog
dancingchicks shakinbootiebunnies dancingchicks shakinbootiebunnies
dancegenie hulagirl hulagirl dancegenie

Bush dancers Cause presidents do it... Bush dancers
VP candidate's do it...Dance Cheney N Lieberman
GoreDance Losers do it... GoreDance2
Even Ronald McDonald Ronald
does it...
dancingator dancing skeletons dancing leprechaun DanceElephant DanceElephant
dancncavmn Dance Octupus smurf dancingturtle dancindino

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