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by Gary Jacobson

A brave wayfaring Knight errant,

traveling back from the crusades so wearily

met fierce Golden Dragon belligerant

breathing fire that challenged harm bodily.

The Knight couldn't help but wonder,

what had made the dragon's day go bad,

why the dragon wanted to toast and tear him asunder,

why was that dragon so mad?

The dragon couldn't let the Knight be,

giving two choices,

enter the good fight or with flight runaway,

go hide where the dragon cannot find thee...

but the honourable thing is face up to the fray,

for a brave knight would not runaway.

The Knight was nothing if not honourable,

so strode just out of reach of dragon fire.

"Gold Dragon,

this day could I kill thee with no trouble,

smite the one who hath invoked mine ire."

"Methinks tis not a good day to die,

so plead thine case for foul anger conspicuous.

This knight twill with good heart listen to thee by,

determine if thou still intends to die or me fry,

before putting my hand to do battle presumptuous."

This honourable Knight's query put the dragon aback,

as ensuing fight he did ponder.

Then he said with fire and thunder,

"For killing Knights brave and bold I have a special knack,

to oppose me would be a great blunder."

"But tis true I grow disdainfully weary,

of fire, blood, guts and gore,

for killing can leave one so dreary,

that I often wonder if there's not to life something more."

"I have a solution to your problem dragon,"

said Knight bold and brave.

"If ye will climb down off thine war wagon,

mine solution just might the both of us save."

"Could we not become friends,

lay our enmity aside,

dispense with that which difference lends,

become trusting allies bona fide?"

So that day did the Knight sheathe sword excalibur,

the dragon quelled his fire.

Peasants now recount dragon and knight sightings beyond number,

around casles and fields of the shire.

The Knight and his Golden Dragon now make men shudder,

together make an unbeatable foe,

with balls of fire and excalibur thunder,

enemies fall as the grain peasants mow.

Methinks the two became one in word and deed,

fast friends to the end,

planting a brotherhood seed,

a message of peace round the world send.

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