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The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
King Tut by Gary Jacobson

I wish I had an amazing technicolor dreamcoat
Sparkling effervescence told in vibrance bold
Of earth, wind, sky and fire poets wrote
Red and green and blue and gold
To hide a scarred world’s fated blemishes
Let its ardor fill the esoteric heart with gladnesses
Embroidered with supernal lightning sanctified
Symbollic of purple heavens regally glorified

My coat would give to all a Celestial view
Collared by sweeping snow so clean, so pure
Adorned by purest angelic whites purview
In tinctured tones diversity, hatreds abjure
Blending light and darkness in the cloak bloom
Showering ethereal sparks white-hot too
Icy cold color with hot blush consume
Vibrant colors in the world too few

Stars from celestial heavens
My amazing dreamcoat will pluck
Appearing as sunlight shining on a meadow’s hue
Veins of shining gold fortuned luck
Contrasting a patch of midnight blue
Dynamic reds blazing with love enliven
Earthy rich browns accrue
Fused in the gilded cloak woven
Capturing dusky oranges
In a green emerald haven

Robin egg blues encourage the spirit to do
With amazing vigor embellished from the sky
As vibrant yellows dynamically ensue
Showing a rainbows bright glory
Before everyone’s eye
Walk bearing noblest pride
Colors alive symbolizing earth’s foundation rock
Feel the magnificence as forthrightly ye stride
Yet beware strutting like a peacock

In your flashy dreamcoat fresh of life adorned
Always walk in devotion humbled
Always rise aware
Of ostentatious carriage covetous
Always attentive to less fortunates there
Understandably envious
Zesty opulence requires the greater care

Let your garment enrich bounteous spirits
Of mother earth
Let amazing raiment
Give to life sustainment
Take from its glory all mankind’s rebirth
Celebrate vibrant colors resonant
Learn the essence of mankind’s worth
Diverse color is in harmony its blessed covenant

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