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Lean back, get comfortable, and get ready to listen to some of the best music ever made...The



by Gary Jacobson © 2001


jukebox NotesAni

Bel-air drivein
parkingNnecking driveInNecking parkingNnecking

At the drive-In just talking
I finally found someone to love
A big bad wolf and his angel from above
Just talking
A magical time so badly wanting
Our time together will never end
My pretty in pink girlfriend
The greaser and his teenage queen
Makin’ out at the drive-in scene.
pop corn poppin'
Strange, how the most everyday thing,
The choicest thing
You dig, this ain’t one of them hallucinogens.
I first met my sugar pie lambikens
Walkin’ thru some spooky old woods, alone...
That girl knocks me off my feet...alone!
Still my big bad beating heart...alone!
Don’t think you oughta be walkin’...alone!
In these spooky old woods...alone!
parkingNnecking jukebox
Well this big bad wolf’ll try his best
Knowing girl, you are aren't like all the rest
You needed to be shown
I could be trusted walkin’ with you alone
I can keep my sheep suit zipped on
Oh little girl so sweet
Kind of girl I always wanted to meet
You can walk safe by my side
You can trust in me your secrets to confide
This bad, bad wolf’d give you no trouble
I’ll always be there to help on the double.
route66 jukebox
This time it's different, dah dah dah dah
I won’t conform to my wolfish ways
All because of you, dah dah dah dah
See if my sheep suit pays
Tonight, the rest of my life has just begun
'Cause I think I’ve really found the one
For your sake I’ll try to be good
Act just like I should...
Baby, you sure are look’n good.
Baby, you’re so fine
I want you with me all the time
My wolfman heart beats wildly
Howling madly
Just knowing you’re mine
My wolfish heart sings with a new rhyme
Rushing hormones speeding with adrenaline
You snuggled up against me at the drive-in
Make me bout to lose my mind
Enfused with love of a different kind
Fogging up the windows at the drive-in
Knowing loving you's no sin?
Admiring your exceptional hair
Admiring your exquisite, curvaceous flair
The tight in all the right places clothes you wear.
pop corn poppin'
O, what a big heart I have
Though your kind of beauty drives wolves mad
What big eyes you have
You’re somethin’ special doll, so I’ll behave
What full lips you have
I ain’t no low-life cad
My love will always be true
With what you give I’ll try to be satisfied
Of course I’ll respect you
Our love can be so beautified
Baby, I’ll never neglect you
Tho there’s surging in me this tide
I’ll always protect you...
Baby, only you make me feel so complete
How do I rate someone so sweet...
That’s right
Who cares about the drive-in tonight
Even bad wolves can be good
I’m more than just a two bit hood
Baby, I’ll be with you every night
I can't wait for the rest of my life
Baby, You’ll be such a good wife...
Holding you close feels so right...
So pucker up and hold me tight...

O, movies over...
"Well, maybe I’ll call you sometime!"
Sometime when I've got the time...


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