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--Heart of glass--

by Gary Jacobson

My heart of Glass,
is breaking,
with pain that will not soon pass,
From a heart so sorely aching
at the end of day dying.

I cannot erase from my heart,
sweet memories of you,
thy sour tongue sharp as a dart
my poor heart eschew.
white-hot flames sharply stinging
from the heart of glass inside you,
my life sent reeling
Stained by dyes which deeply imbue.

With your acid tongued bombast
given with tangy verbosity nagging,
thru the eternities will last,
persistently driving,
my heated discordant blast
to the brink pushing
remembering Waterloo's from the past
every little mistake rehashing.

Your heart of glass makes cutting argument,
inflicting deep-felt pain,
driving to destruction hell-bent,
knowing not how to refrain.
A heart of glass in withering abasement,
shatters shards of fiery disdain,
into my battered soul absorbent,
fondly loving the pain.

Our heart of glass love,
vulnerable and nakedly explicit,
our see-through love
on the brink of hell's fiery pit.
Flies on the wings of a dove,
through a heart of glass broken and split,
where push comes to shove
broken by hard use decrepit.

There comes a time when abiding love
must needs commit,
to unabashed declaration of love,
bursting with overindulged passion surfeit,
Though one-sided love
In the end does not fit.
in love's togetherness treasure trove,
two hearts of glass abruptly quit.

For so long beside me you lay cold,
lying still as stone beside me in dreams,
ice forming as the night grows bold,
my burning passion screams.
Your heart of glass could not allow love so right,
to touch earthbound charms warm,
longing to enfold the good fight,
of passion foresworn.

Hear the soft sighing night,
silent whispers of love unspoken,
wearied of the fight
love so easily broken
love fragile as warbling night,
so easily awaken.
Words thrown in disrespectful sass
devotion of a heart of glass.

The heart of glass is gone,
left mid lightning and thunder,
left adreaming in new morning dawn
on a new beginning of wonder.
Left behind my heart of glass pawn,
a destitute song to plunder
of a once bright love gone wrong,
tossed carelessly asunder.

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