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rosebudanimated1 True Love Bloomsrosebudanimated1

When a man loves a woman
Instilled inside him harmonyís greatest plan
Enamored thoughts inside him well
Inviting her into his heart to dwell
Cold icicles first entwine
Then warm flashes flutter up a loverís spine
True love so sublime
To shining starís divine.
singleredrose a woman loves a man
Deliciously ambrosian
Beyond inconstant infatuation chameleon
Magical enchantment began
Wafting as spring coral-shells
Weaving wispy spells
Bewitching fragrance wells
Natural affectionís embrace
As fingertips lingering on her manís face
Making two hearts as one race.
singleredrose Is a bell still a bell without its chime?
Is a song still a song without its rhyme?
For two cast alone on lifeís seas supernally lost
On mortalityís rugged swells tempest tossed
In inherent longing destined to beat as one
Are heart, mind, body, in eddies of life spun
Standing apart as a canvas without paint begun
Drifting without reason mid turmoilís devastation
Waiting for humanityís complement to rise
To bring enrichment to weary eyes.
singleredrose Need, lost and alone in the heart is growing
Incomplete in the great abyss dividing
Wanting, aching, to live cloistered no more
Seeking spiritual bonding you cannot ignore
Longing for a true love fulfilling
Always searching for deeper meaning completing
Feeling abandoned without an oar
So far from shore
Feeling out of step with the world in discontent
Disenfranchised in that hour of disenchantment.
singleredrose As a diamond without its setting seems morose
True love blooms perfect as a damask rose
Fulfilling one anotherís ethereal purpose
Heavenly coupling
Each in the otherís garden growing
True love with starlight blending
Differences in compromise honed
Love continually tied
As an interlocking keystone
Will withstand foul winds by temptress blown.
singleredrose A heart caresses
In caring happinesses
True love eternally sharing
Divergent vibrationís shedding
Two individual lives into one pool flowing
Never departing exaltationís consciousness stream
Loveís perfumed dream
Loveís purified glue bonding for time everlasting
Different lives in perpetuity bound together
Forever without end, true love is forever.

All poems © 1999 by Gary Jacobson.
This site is covered by U.S. Copyright Laws

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