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Angela Heavenly Message Angela


A quiet messenger came the other night
With message that on me shed new light
A sweet presence came down from above
Told me the purpose of life
Was love...
To soften our hearts
That love might therein dwell
Bestowing love of Father God
And His son
The holy one
Our brother Emmanuel.

All consuming love for these two
Should softened hearts accrue
The heavens will
With unfettered love of family fill
With truest devotion.

Without deviation.
Even as our Father God loves us
Should we love Him,
Quoth the spirit of God
The holy Seraphim.

Soften hearts hardened
By unbelieving fostered.
Be not servants recreant
Convey a love obedient.
Love brothers and sisters in this world abide.
For this act of love
With good works will stem the evil tide.
To love and learn is the purpose of life.

Love with all your heart in life
With all your might
And strength
For love will still troubled waters rife.
The contentment gained
Brings hallowed,
Eternal life,
Renewed life,
Divine life.
With God's holy knowledge sought
With greatest power wrought
Did this quiet Angelic message witness bear
In a language of love and blessed peace
Fragrantly filling the air.

With a love so real
You could reach out and feel
Unfeigned love,
Unconditional love,
Pure love,
From Father God in His mansions above
From celestial gardens bower
Upon life will blessings shower
Loveís diadem
Godís most sacred gem
Great peace to hardened hearts
Lifting up cravens that cower
Lifting sons and daughters high and higher
To live with Father God in His heavenly tower

So bear ye a love that is pure
Clear as a mountain streams allure,
For family,
Strangers ye may pass along lifeís way,
Share Godís pure love every day.
Let love go forth from you shining
Light of love emanating from your being
Unfettered with trappings from this earth,
Receive the Masterís hallowed rebirth.

All poems © 1999 by Gary Jacobson.
This site is covered by U.S. Copyright Laws

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