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The Morning Breaks

by Gary Jacobson

The morning breaks
The shadows flee...
From way down deep inside of me,
Releasing me
From bonds clinging tight,
Holding me thru lonely night.

With luminescent light preceeding,
Tip of sun peeks bringing
Sacred light from over the mountains.
Thru fading darkness good life ascertains,
A holy essence appertains
From a light becoming bright
And brighter pushing,
The depths of a weary soul warming.

Mornings make me feel brand new,
as risen from fair morning dew.
Each dawning day
Chases cruel, cold night away.
With joy I breath the cool fresh air,
Forsaking despair,
Feeling anew the chance again to dare.

With a new beginning my life I can relive,
Vowing more of myself to family,
And fellow man to give.
Sparkling crisp morning comes tingling,
Carressing my pleasured skin,
Touching my spine within,
Bearing glad tidings of sureness.
I feel with the world a oneness.

I know all the world's all right,
Feeling warming fingers of the light
Warming frigid night,
Snuggling against my skin.
I feel as one with the world my kin,
Shining without,
And within...

I cannot help a shuddered thrill,
When lazily circling above rock
And rill,
I see hawks and eagles in magnificence
Soaring aimless on high,
Floating in grandeur mid morning sky,
Making the scene
Solemnly serene.
Up in the clouds floats a circle so perfect,
Without flaw mortal eyes can detect,
Clouds rolling round
Mid nature's heavenly sound,
His great love pouring thru,
Spilt thru rainbows foggy dew,
God's eye
Is watching,
Magnificently beaming,
All seeing,
As His morning clouds roll by.
The pale sunrise chases retreating alpenglow,
Into fleeting shadows of awakening mountains
Deep purple sow.
Comes a vibrant pink
A primal link I think,
Then spills fiery red
Pouring forth from the slumbering dead,
Colors streaming to destroy stilled night,
With beaming, irradescent light.

Here comes the sun!

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