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For No One
by Gary Jacobson
anidove For no one
My girl with eyes charmed pools of deepest blue
Can tear my heart from you
A heart committed ever true
Not for the finest riches of shining gold
Will I leave your love's golden fold.

For no one
Before you will come
Shining before me brighter than noonday sun.
Your reality in luster grander
Transcends mystery of starry allusions
Eclipsing love’s fiery bastions
Verily, the stars would not even twinkle the same
If you were not there to stoke my heart aflame...

For no one
Will I ever your love abandon
Forego heart and beings dissolution
Leaving your side wealth to pursue.
There is too much glory for me abiding in you
For I see opulent riches in your eyes
All I could ever want there, I surmise.

For no one
Knows how much I love you
For no one
Makes me feel the way that you do
For no one
Shares the exuberance of fireworks too.
For no one
Plucks my heartstrings as a lute
Delighting it with song I can scarce refute.

I feel at peace when I hold you near
You wipe away ever foolish tear
Even every intransigent fear
From headstrong past's clamoring I hear...
For you
There is no need to play any game
My richest treasure is you bearing my name.

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