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One Day At A Time

by Gary Jacobson

anidove If you feel you’re drowning,
In the cares of the world floundering,
Let me tell you what to do...
Let the gospel light shining true
Gradually Thine softened Heart imbue
Thine beleaguered spirit to Renew
One day at a time!

anidove Foster in your heart
Deep down where feelings start
A Godly Love
For Father and Brother Emmanuel
Abiding in royal courts above.
Nurture the True Love
On wings as a Dove
Let it grow more every day
One day at a time.

anidove Bestow Father’s Love
On all Mortal Brothers,
On Thine earthbound Neighbors
Let the Golden Rule
Throughout Life apply
Divine light so shining in thine eye
That ye Do unto brothers
With a Love given free
As ye would brothers do unto thee.
Let Love grow More every day,
One day at time...

anidove Take a deepning breath
As ye Go down into the waters
To Release all carnal death.
Let go of spotted sins shorn
Arise ye with renewed spirit reborne
One day at a time!

anidove If thee art burdened with care
Life’s heavy load causing thee
Thine hair to tear
Just open thine troubled heart,
Let the healing start...
One day at a time!

anidove Take on those heavy burdens
One at a time.
Face down those fiery demons
With harmonic rhyme.
Minute by minute,
Put everything you have in it,
One day at a time!

anidove For this is the fight of thine life
Filled at once,
With loads of eternity rife
Cares too heavy to bear
If thee wilt not let the spirit,
Thine Heartaches share,
One day at a time!

anidove The Father of love’s Always there.
He’s standing ever ready
Always steady
To wipe away Mortal tears of Despair,
Human frailties Forbear,
Turn thine mortal Weaknesses to Strengths
With Divine care...
One day at a time!

anidove So when life has thee reeling
With frustrated feeling
Enamored with Mortal Possessions dealing
Carried to and fro
By every Wind of Doctrine
Lost children
Wobbling dizzy
Enmired In a tizzy
Ye can’t change overnight,
Reborn suddenly when ye see the Light
Healing must come
One day at a time!

anidove Just map out life’s greater Values,
Things most important to ye Choose.
Tackle the biggest one’s First
Put behind thee the Worst
To slowly build in thee the Kingdom
One day at a time!

anidove Make each day better than the last
Make sadness a thing of the past.
Make eternal creation
Thine special plan of salvation
Thine life's joyous celebration
One day at a time!

anidove Ease all mortal anxiety.
Free thyself from societal piety.
Abolish in thy heart false pride
Knowing God is always on thine side
One day at a time!

anidove The good Lord’ll not His great goodness hide
In sweltering,
Receive now His abiding love
He’ll make thee humble
Sufficient to bear the Weight of the world
When the world Unfurled
Around thine shoulders Begins to crumble.
Do the Right,
Fight the Good fight,
One day at a time!

anidove Cleave ye to the iron Rod
The Holy way back to God
Bear always a Masters love
Distilled from Heavenly courtyards above.
Walk the righteous mile
In this earthly sojourn tarry yet awhile
And ye wilt once more walk in His Presence
Gain divinities Essence
One day at a time!


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