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pearlhand THREE PEARLS pearlhand

by Gary Jacobson

I bless you my child with my most cherished gift,
But not of worldly riches untold.
This gift's wealth will not set you adrift
As mundane riches of silver and gold.
pearlhand Deeper to the heart goes the wealth I bestow,
The three greatest treasures in my kingdom,
Are those I humbly sow.
They are three pearls of choicest wisdom,
Gifts that hold precious secrets of living
Pearl's of Great Price free for all,
Riches so bountiful giving
You cannot hold them all.
pearlhand To obtain the first pearl
You must a candle light,
Look deep within the eyes of the soul
Do not fight.
Stresses irking the soul...
Look deep and deeper into the bright,
Emptying your mind of worldly thought
Vacating mortal plight.
pearlhand To new heights your spirit will soar,
Obtaining greatest spiritual might.
Gentle thoughts come to your heart's door,
When you turn wrong thinking right.
Meditation restores what you most need,
Your inner sight
That will a humble soul feed.
pearlhand Listen soft and softer to the gentle wind.
That solemn, mournful sound
Make your best friend.
Holy messages are found
Carried in the eternal wind.
The whisperings of God does there abound
Coming in natural grace to him that believes
A peaceful noise of wind
Rustling through leaves.
pearlhand When spiritual messages flow into consciousness
Messages to a higher plane beings send,
Weaving a special wish,
To assist mortal confusions to fend.
Life's complexities to vanish.
Simply by listening to the gentle wind.
Destroys petty causes destroying healing power
A soothing noise healing in genteel blend.
In that blessed hour
The very soul will mend.
pearlhand The third pearl is my greatest gift...
A simple warm smile.
A smile gives a righteous lift,
Helping you walk that extra mile.
Smiling puts cares
On the back burner,
Destroys woes worldly despairs
Renews inner spirits finer,
High above reproachful guile
Where a smile can be a real eye opener
Freed from angers that rile.
pearlhand Pearls of worth lie in a smiles returned rewards.
Friends and strangers erstwhile
Returning all the good life affords
People almost always return a given smile.
For smiling makes life's rough seas smooth,
Fends off worries for awhile,
Makes good spirits improve,
With just a soul-felt, simple, smile...

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