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bellleft by Gary Jacobson bellright

anistars When you're feeling blue,
Not knowing what to,do
Consider for a moment
All you've got.
Subtract what you've not.
You'll see you've got much more
Than you thought,
Really quite a lot.

anistars See how fortunate you are?
Thank your lucky star.
if you Just take time
You'll watch impossible problems
rapidly sink...
I think?

anistars Just pick yourself up
By the bootstrap,
Force yourself to close
Depression's gap.
Don't stop!
Don't idly sit,
Despair about it,
Or cry about it,
Stop now!
That's right...I said now!
Stop your feeling blue.
Just do it, do it, do it, do...

anistars Happiness is but an attitude.
How's that for a platitude?
For greater happiness
look to life's rainbow
from whence pennies from heaven flow.
A forced smile
Beams naturally after awhile.
Talking happy will be your new style.

anistars Pennies from heaven distilled by morning dew,
Blessings relieving this worlds blight,
Shining new,
Shine radiantly bright.
Good feelings coming so quick,
All around you looming thick,
You can the choicest of blessings pick.

anistars Replace those darkened glasses
With outlook shiny bright.
Force hurtful cares from your mind
That hinder second sight.
Evil worries can fill mankind
With distempered bite...

anistars Always wear glasses with rosy hue.
They make you see the world brand new.
Before long
You will think them special made for you.
So turn bad luck good,
By just thinking happy like you should.

anistars Always maintain a positive approach.
Live life full without reproach.
Always have a dream
It will give to your eye that lustrous gleam.
So join life's team.

anistars Wipe away depressions fevered brow.
Being down only makes you sour.
Stand tall my friend!
Fight the good fight to the very end.

anistars Do not be the problem!
Be the solution!

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