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Norman Nie of Stanford University reported recently on the “Frightening implications that the Internet induces social isolation. Society is in deep trouble this time. Can you get a warm hug, or a warm voice over the Internet. No, all you get is lies and fantasy, and troublemongers. The Internet, it will be shown, will even lead to the decline of our political parties. The computer is raising up a whole generation of disenfranchized youth, who will be a disfunctional drain on society for the rest of their lives.”

Pundits say the Internet tis the scourge of society
Certainly boding no propriety
That foul little box
Will bring to the world a pox

Indeed, throughout the ages...
Critiques of improper inventions have come
From renowned sages
Oh thankful we must be
That they will save society...
And they will save us from ourselves
These pseudo, intellectual elves...

Giza, Egypt, February 20, 2600 BC... King Zoser announced the invention of bread, a convenient form of wheaten food that he vowed would alleviate hunger. Good scribe Sesh forthrightly challenged the kings radical views. “Surveys show that people who are well fed tend to keep to themselves. Hunger has always been part of the human condition, something that brings us together. Food riots pull people out of their isolated shells and get them thinking about something larger than themselves. With the coming of this...bread, there are going to be literally millions of people staying at home, with minimal social interaction. Now is this what we really want?”

Oh that naughty, naughty bread.
It will be the end of us yet, tis said...
On the heels of this bread catastophe
Another dreaded invention was coming,
The invention of dreaded plumbing
An invention most assuredly scandalizing...

Athens, Greece, February 16, 276 BC...The Roman senate today heralded the invention of a thing called plumbing, a system by which water can be carried directly into homes, and waste removed.
Elder skeptic Pyrroh of Ellis, warned, “No one is considering the social impact of this radical new technology. What’s going to happen when people stay in their homes to bathe and relieve themselves, instead of walking out to the river to their favorite bush? These activities bring us into regular contact with our fellow man several times a day. Yea therefore, what kind of world are we creating when the most basic rhythms of human life, rhythms that are part of our common humanity, things that should bring us together, are now isolating us. Not to mention that we risk creating an ablutionary divide between plumbing haves and plumbing have nots.” The council of advisers took Pyrroh’s words under advisement, providing 500 pieces of gold to look further into the problem.

But we have one saving grace
This disreputable thing called plumbing
Knows its place,
But next thing you know
Some utterly depraved soul
Will bring that infernal plumbing contraption indoors.

Mainz, Germany, February 16, 1450..Johannes Gutenburg’s invention of movable type is stirring controversy as critics warn of a dark side to this new technology. “You used to have to get people to tell you things,” said Kvetchmann of Bonn, a leading social theorist. “Now people are going to be crouching at home with their noses in books, finding out things all by themselves. I’m concerned.”

Then when I thought mankind had done its worst
Innovative inventors fabricated something accursed.
There came the infernal printing press,
A contraption for putting on paper wicked words that possess.
If this evil incarnate we allow to promulgate
Insidious ideas we allow to propagate
Oh woe tis me
How wicked can people be?

Can’t you see, can’t you see,
All manner of evil printing from that time ensued
A veritable horde of immoral wrongs accrued
Evil omens will most assuredly proliferate.
Oh what then will be our anticipated fate?

Padua, Italy, February 18, 1709...Bartolomeo Di Francesco Cristofori invents a new musical instrument known as the piano. But leading social critic, Fernando De medici warns, “For all the instrument’s versatility, troubling questions have been left unanswered as to its impact on family and community life.”

I just hate those troubling, unanswered questions...don’t you?
They leave the whole of the civilized world in a pottage stew...
Oh whatever shall we do?
Just let men go willy nilly
Don't be silly
This piano tis a drug
Can it ever compare to a good ole hug?

Now just how low can they go?
Well, just as long as they play in pianissimo
And don't bang that fiendish thing
Make our poor blasted ears ring...

Medici went on to say, “Before the piano, men had to get together to make music. Now a single performer, staying at home, will be able to play both melody and bass lines. The piano can produce several notes simultaneously, and a pianist can play some very, very difficult pieces, just by devoting precious hours in practice at home, an a lonely, obsessive effort to master this music. I ask you, how are we going to cope, as a society, with thousands of unemployed cellists suddenly loose on the streets?”

Oh, now you’re talking about deranged, obnoxious cellists...
Fie, fie,
Methinks tis the advent of the first survivalists.
But wait until you hear about Louis Pasteur of France,
His antics have set the whole world on it’s ear,
Slightly askew...or tis it askance...

Paris, France, February 19, 1866...Criticism continues to pour in over the recent invention of vaccination by scientist Louis Pasteur.
“Sickness and death bring people together, providing relief from the mind numbing monotony of village existence.” noted the Abbi Liotard of the Sorbonne. “Studies show that for 63 percent of the population, bringing a consommé and brandy to a sick friend, or attending the funeral of a relative cut down in the prime of life, is a major form of social intercourse. I shudder to think what Dr. Pasteur’s discovery means for the fabric of French society. A few case of illness avoided, to be sure...but at what price? An epidemic of loneliness, depression and fractured community ties. Such questions must be addressed forthwith.”

I for one, am assuredly glad
That big brother is always looking out for us a tad.
Just think what might happen...
It could be the downfall of men
And civilization as we know it...
Oh woe is me,
Come see, come see...
A most dreadful thing,
A death knell of civility would around the world ring.


Close your eyes.
Focus totally on but a single prize.
To shut out the peripheral,
Shut out the ethereal,
Bear all concentration on but a single point
On that point your whole attentions anoint
Shut out harried thoughts of the world.
Let the pure essence of being Be unfurled.
Your imagination bind.
Empty completely your mind
Let that moment of emptying hypnotize.
This will clarify your thinking, I surmise

Breathe deep
And still more deeply.
Gird your feelings succinctly
Focus distinctly
Focus clearly.
Now the world can be reborn
From purest truth be torn
From the eternity’s born.


A dreamer of dreams
Who limits his dreams
To dark midnight hours
Confines them to lacy moonflowers
Doomed to grow in the night
And with the dawning die
Languishing in the bed where you lie.

For dreams Withdraw from sight
Shrinking From dawn’s revealing light
Scurrying back in fright
From adventures delicious
Into velvety folds subconscious.
Into that dark night they go Reeling
Into imaginings haven
When mortal’s awaken.

Quite different are the dreams
A creative moment beams
Born into the light of day
Fashioned in a light array
Emerging in the hours of day.

For dreams With fullblown insight
Bearing sight Not clouded by night.
Grasp full the meaning,
The fulfilling.

They see of course
From the eternal source
Stuff the future is made of,
Captured in rays of love.

Daydreamers are the masters of creation
From day dreams proper application.
This is our life’s promulgation,
Our Vast reservoir of potentials activation.
Day dreams are dreams that dare to do
Declaring a world that’s new,
The innovative building,
Inspiring inventions emerging.
Day dreams have infinite meaning.

Dreams are the origination of all Man has wrought,
The culmination of his Burgeoning thought.
Day dreams Build realities fair
In essence From mere castles in the air.
Daydreams are to the mind invigorating
In actuality Cultivating
A fantastic future indeed,
A new germinated seed...


Memories art but the repository
Containing yesterday’s fading glory
The refuse of history
Holding Vaulted Hope infernal
Dreams unfulfilled that inside
Burn eternal.
A lifetime memory conservatory
A menu of the dead past directory
Posed as abstract allegory.

Betimes when we look backwards
For the first time we see histories rewards,
Past times accords.
We find the future there
Staring back at us from there,
From a place in soft velvet darkened
In the great mystery unfolded,
Revealing the Who,
When and how...

We find eternal truths there lingering
In the past enduring
In calculations
Abiding Observations
Precious and rare
Through eons aware
Unconcerned with passing time
Waiting patiently with harmonious rhyme
Knowing someday
You’d look back on them
Waiting calmly there...


Today is the wayside
Where we Feel justified pride
In this life’s bumpy ride.
It’s a place where we now and then stop...
Just stop
Stop and smell the roses fragrant bouquet.
Greater tomorrow’s manifest today
Seeing the sights from ivory towers
Our accumulated powers...

We enjoy past glory
Revel in our story
Bask in the reposing
In life’s garden beautifully blooming
Past rewards with honor reaping...

Let the moment course unfettered
Through your veins
Let heal yesterday’s pains
Breathe today in deeply
Envision life’s beauty
Behold life’s charm ambient
For all your tomorrow’s advent
Depend on what you do in this moment


It is said, And it is true
That we have come far
Since yesterday was new.
Yet don’t stand stagnant in today’s dawning.
Take the bull in the muck enmiring
By the horns
In this moment fleeting,
Do it now, for time is quickly passing...

Let your advance on tomorrow
Be not entrapped in today
On the way to tomorrow
Thrown back reeling from the fray.
Do not afearing be
Open your eyes and you will see
A better way will show itself
Imbued with the heavenly scent of roses
Strewn along future’s pathway...

If we do not step off briskly
Meet head-on a brighter tomorrow...
While emotions are still running freely
With soul apprehend the sorrow
If we do not
By staying in our present
Let our future rot...


In All the world of purest beauty
In kingdoms great and small
Mid the important and the meaningless
As naught if there is nothing within...
We feel the power within us spin
Raising us above this worldly din.
In The advent of the Lords and paupers
Mid glories past and futures bright
We see the vision of ourselves
And like what we are...


Celestial luminaries always draw Constant
Disparaging by lesser intellect.
Indeed the carpings reflect
On those who cannot themselves do
And feel insatiating need to put down
Those who can in fact do.
It seems bad mouthing
Is less difficult than the doing
The achieving
The attaining...

For instance,
A dozen giant lobsters can be constrained
In a small basket,
Where quite easily they can scale the top of it
But they don’t...
For whenever one is about to bridge the top,
Enraptured by prospect of freedom found,
Another invariably pulls him down.
He cannot stand to see another get ahead
That is why embarrassed, the lobster is always red...
If they cannot themselves wear the crown
Stand ever ready
To pull the successful down...


When you’re happiest
You are at your most unconscious
Not jaded
Not stressed
Loose and carefree
Free wheeling spirits rambunctious
Enjoying these moments most precious...
The whole world smiles with you when
In these moment of bliss
You positively possess effervescence.

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