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by Gary Jacobson


Somewhere over the rainbow
Skys are blue.
Somewhere in a land old as time
But brand new.
Somewhere a shining existence waits
For good people like me and you.
anidove I long for that better world,
Live to earn its bright future unfurled,
Where life is simple,
In beautiful quietude
Of glorious peace ungnarled.
anidove I reach ahungered for the light
The light eternal
Just out of sight
Seeking every day
Searching in every way
For spiritual enlightenment
A relief from this worlds blight
anidove I long to leave this frail
Contentious world behind.
The mortal cares
to which mortals are chained,
Living a life
That being leaves drained.
Living to discard
life’s toil and strife defined,
Foregoing stresses for a better kind
A world devined.
anidove Where troubles melt like fudgesickles
On a hot summer afternoon,
Where foregoing fates fickle
Release earthly suffering
Where putting off wrongs
Mankinds conscience tickles.
anidove I go to a land where brothers
Actually love their neighbor,
Oh the joy and peace
That thought does savor,
Where contented blessings
Richly favor
In the loving arms of the shepherd

May You Always Find Rainbows

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