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Rainy Nights From My Window

by Gary Jacobson

anidove Looking out of my window
At the rain falling down,
Like a candle shining into shadow,
From a spirit once smiling in the warmth of day,
Now wearing a solemn, weathered frown.
anidove I wonder how I arrived at a beleaguered point in life,
From where I started,
Drifting thru this life's strife.
When I started,
Weaving thru malicious toil,
From Heaven's comforting so long departed,
On a long journey on this earth's foil.
anidove Life has been no bed of roses,
Coasting unfettered to the promised land.
For mankind on sons and daughters imposes
A soul robbing, bloody maelstom
Called war.
A rebellious spirit
To the very pit of being does abhor,
This inhumanity to man gambit
That changes lives forever,
Ends lives for both dead and living,
Cast into a living hell,
A breast thumping,
This savage civilizations knell,
A sword rattling,
Machismo thing called war.
anidove This unholy war caused eternal wondering,
From a wounded soul exceeding sore,
Of the earthly purpose that existence posed,
Always seeking something more...
For a weary time all heaven was closed.
I could not find my way through the door,
To Father's earthly Kingdom exalted.
After man's inhumanity to man war,
Brought a point in life's being,
I angrily implore,
Tempest tossed,
So all alone.
Confusing conundrums made living
A dreadful chore,
Always seeking something more...
anidove Now I listen to the falling rain
Lightning leaking bright into dark drizzled night,
From my window pane
Seeing startling sight,
Reflected images mirrored of heartfelt pain
Deeply pained eyes
From the glass looking back at me again...
And my destitute spirit sighs.
anidove Without pain pundits say there is no gain.
But I see dim light,
Just a whim of flickering light
Shining thru the wind and rain,
Though I fear Godless pain of beleaguered night
Soul wrenchingly in vain.
anidove I listen to the rain drumming...
A solemn, rhythmed message,
Like staccato humming,
Sending brothers and sisters,
Neighbors of every age,
A healing message that ministers.
Do not make the simple life
Obtusely hard.
Share the purely divine message,
"With all your heart love the Lord."
anidove Climb every mountain.
Search high and low.
Drink freely from Father's fountains,
Fountains from which blessings flow.
Always along life's highways
And byways,
Share the word wherever you go.
By shining example,
Good works sow.
Share the message in all your ways,
Born in the heavens long ago...
anidove Don't let life's rain pouring down,
Beat your spirit into the ground.
Keep life's travels on the high road,
Proud of Father's heritage renown.
Let his spirit in all you do,
Back to his heavenly abode,
Guide you,
And keep you,
In the good shepherd's fold.
anidove Lift mortal eyes to the heavens
From whence God's succor flows.
For His holy spirit leavens,
Fledgling souls in tumultuous throes.
anidove Look to Emmanuel the son,
Our eternal brother,
Our protector,
Brighter than noonday sun,
Our Lord...
In all you say and do,
Heed His message implored.
His sweet loving pursue...
Your whole lifetime through.
Let His holy spirit abide with you,
Pouring out favored blessings from the Father,
In soulfelt prayer sue...
anidove There may be times tempest tossed,
Seas of life violently raging,
Prayer keeps you from becoming totally lost,
Angel guides obedient servants saving...
anidove If we children Father's loving ways impart,
Doing His commandments
Commanded from the start,
Loving with pure love,
From the very bottom of our heart
Returning His goodness,
Bestowed from above,
In Him trusting,
With robes of righteousness
We will face His new day dawning.

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