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Doing What's Right

by Gary Jacobson

What is the wrong way and the right,
In this mortal foils plight?
What path should I follow,
To pleasingly light mine heart aglow.

On one side stands Father God,
Proffering the way of the Iron Rod,
Guiding sons and daughters lovingly His way,
Promising righteous paths eternal dividends pay.

The Iron Rod leads full circle back to God
Away from pathways flawed
Guiding along His holy chain of righteousness
Where we seek inner holiness,
Fathers love a divine caress.

Father God makes but one divine request
As he has loved us, so also share loveís bequest.
As Father God ye love,
Love for one another possess,
Sharing that glorious light from above.

On the other side stands the adversary Satan,
Offering tempting way of the tempestuous glutton.
Whose slick, oily tongue,
Of all goodness wrung
Plies mankind with the easy way
Before him carnal enjoyments lay.

Satan's way promises silver and gold,
Riches of the world untold,
Wine, Women, Song
With admonition to unruly throng
"There's no reason to righteously try,
Live for today, for tomorrow you die."

Father God is love,
Offering the peace of whitened dove.
Satan is hate,
Offering a fiery, fiendish fate.
So should I God fear,
Or brother Satan revere?

The decision I face
Flows between pure life and licentious lace,
Shall I to the right abide
Or stray where many tormented souls hide
Under free agency's scarlet hood
Choosing not the way good
Avoiding living the life I should?

Should I live life pure
Holding myself to precepts of the Master sure
Cling to the rod through life's storms long
Till life's judgment day,
Or with wine, women, and song,
Worldly merrimentís play?

God asks us to love him,
And as we love him, love our fellow man.
Satan says to love no one, but him...
Do unto others what you can.

The master of lies
Offers a tempting prize
All wanton joys pleasures,
To those who'd seek this worlds temporary treasures.

Worshipful oblation
His only obligation,
Embibing with temporal joys lecherous
Immoral, unchaste, lewdly lascivious.
Worldly ways in loud boasting too
Ye may promiscuous deeds strew,
The righteous way to spitefully eschew.

Or ye may search for God in His mysterious heavens
Seeking Celestial havens
Seeking whence eternal blessings imbue,
Avoiding material snares mortal cravens pursue.

Father God bestows on the faithful elect,
Heavenly bounties so rich ye'll not be able to select.
The very chosen, my friend,
Persevere till the very end.

So then choose the right,
Battle for freedom in spirit and might.
Let Father's eternal wisdom mark the way before,
And the Father will bless you ever more,
Against Satan's power,
An upside down tower.

And look ye forth till a brighter tomorrow,
Where there will be no more sorrow,
For god will protect you,
Come hell or high water He will protect you,
That he would not makes reason stare...
Then have courage to do what is right dare.

Walk uprightly against the flow of the unruly mob
Who will for the eternities sob
Who would they could thine Divine inheritance rob
They'll receive their eternal reward in bleak despair
With great gnashing of teeth and tearing of hair
As the righteous are culled from the unrighteous.

As for me and my house,
With holy spirit we hereby espouse,
Singing praises with sacred accord,
We shall in all ways serve the Lord.

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