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atomicBOMB Ring Of Fire atomicBOMB


by Gary Jacobson © 1999

I fell into a burning ring of fire,
My heart thumping with flaming desire,
Loving you madly,
Smitten with your sweet face badly,
Possessed by sweet essence of you entire,
That greater things does inspire.
Surrounded by unquenchable flame,
Consumed by love's roulette game...
Obsessed with tender love, who can you blame?
I give you my heart and soul,
On the verge of losing all control,
Mesmerized completely,
Every burning though passional
To the world irrational
Walking the edge not concise,
Captured by love's dealings imprecise.
My love for you is an awesome power,
Forevermore obsessed on your ivory tower,
At your most sacred
Flower filled bower.
Your influence over me
A fragrant bouquet
Filled with sweet wonder of affection's display
Serenaded by feverish worshipping
Through blessed night and day idolizing.
Your dear love does give me wings,
Shaking as on puppet strings,
Lifting me high and higher,
With voice of lark and song of lyre
Dangling above that eternal ring of fire
Lips eternally enraptured sing
My heart soaring like a king.
Living life alone now seems so dire,
That passions burning ember does inspire
Suspended precariously above a funeral pyre.
So lonely, so destitute,
Captured by fever's I cannot refute
Lacking discretion flaming indiscreet
So worthless without love obsolete,
My will with a single word deflate.
Burning flames vlickering higher, sublime,
Tempestuous desire hot in your eyes, in mine,
Enveloped in sweet honeyed pain,
Driving me quite insane
Captured in love's haughty disdain,
Captive of sweet wine in your lips
An insatiable ring of fire my soul grips
All life before seems now as naught,
In deepest love wildly distraught.
Thoughts of me without you,
Makes reason stare.
How can I go on living,
If you are not there?
To go on without you now,
Would seem blatantly unfair,
Left in depths of despair arcane
Tumultuously insane,
Unable to contain love's fiery refrain.
For I have grown accustomed to your face,
Living only for your tender embrace,
Your look when you think I'm not watching,
Your sweet laughter ringing,
Your capricious crying,
Your childlike spirit sighing.
Anywhere and anyplace,
Your disarming whim makes my heart race.
Forevermore will I love thee
Forever part and parcel of me,
As my brain,
Without you my very heart beats mundane,
Without unadulterated worship of you
Forevermore filled with sweet thoughts of you,
Remembrances of you,
No longer could its beating ensue.
You are indeed spiritual glue
You hold me together too.
You are my anchor,
Helping me brave stormy weather.
You are my door latch,
Heavens tempestuously burning match
Holding in your flames my heart's key
Without you there would be no today for me.
I am not caught in your ring of fire
I am the fire,
Filled with burning desire,
Given hope to aspire,
Music of lyre, love's great fire
You are the queen, sweet song of lark,
A sweet love that will never tire.
It is my solemn prayer that our fire
will never,
For you've become my world,
My life entire.

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