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whales whales whales whales whales


by Gary Jacobson

I look out over the sea,

a sea so comforting to me,


soul searching,

ebb and flow mesmerizing.

Engrossed in the sea

I escape from a life often hazy,

comforting relief from a world gone crazy.

In the sea I find sweet solace so rare,

dodge dreary beings fare.

I'm hypnotized by its awesome power,

this sea of wonder holds me by the hour,

drinking in the rhythm of gently rolling waves,

going out,

rushing in,

to go out again.

This calming sight sanity saves.

I sometimes see,

a sea of heartbreak in this sea...

a sea of loneliness,

a sea of forgetfullness,

feeling the waves sweet carress

my mind possess,

drowning a world of troubles,

washing away life's foibles."

The everflowing sea my aura soothes,

and deep in my heart my spirit moves,

touched by relaxing balm from earthly care,

dissolving life stresses I'm called to bear,

arresting depressions like a suit I wear."

The calming sea doth my life renew,

giving me strength to do things I do,

washing over a soul lost and forlorn,

coming forth from the sea's baptism to a life reborn,

a refreshed attitude on me adorn."

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