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Searching For You

by Gary Jacobson

Where have you gone

My love, my heart,

I still hear your song,

so long,

tearing me apart.

Why did you leave,

for bright realms of wonder,

calling as the sirens to distress

and grieve?

Did you go to fill your sky?

Life is getting rough,

learning to walk alone,

learning to be tough,

learning the hurting to condone.

Did it happen yesterday?

Did we really part?

It seems like a bad dream,

to sustain a heart

shot with a dart.

Can I find you again

if I search the world wide?

The essence my agonized soul does attain,

holds you ever by my side.

Do you care for me

with the depth I care for you?

the meaning is clear,

the meaning construe,

parting has emptied your heartbreak sea

and left you longing

to search for me too.

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