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Monarch of the desert
Monarch of the desert
Scarlet Throated Hummingbird
Scarlet Throated Hummingbird
Scarlet Throated Hummingbird


Sometimes I Cry
by Gary Jacobson © 2002
Sometimes I cry
I cannot fathom why
At our great love affair
Plumbing the depths of sweet love’s care
Discovering peaceful solemnity so rare

Your breathless words my only thought
Burning incessantly with riddles wrought
Persistent dreams lustful of your caress
My very skin tingling with happiness
Longing loneliness without you touching my soul possess

Of first desire bespoken with words so gently
Sharing passions, thoughts and dreams confidently
Insoluble days filled with trepidation’s tears
Ecstatic nights dissolving all fears
Gradually through entanglement true love appears

O, we may ride love’s seas rolling tempestuous
Demanding threats to our relationship arduous
But weathering life’s storms
In times passing stronger our two hearts warm
The structure of eternal togetherness form

Turbulent change fermenting our love like fine wine
Growing pains agitation over ages true love refine
Exploring love’s infatuation
Finding nectar or poison in inflamed elation
The wine of love stimulating exciting intoxication

True love in time will last without beginning or end
Together always in immortality around life’s bend
Though sometimes I cry
Sometimes I could almost die
Love and laughter the outward grief belie

On blissful shores I float dreaming
You and I growing together in everyday living
Nothing now can part us in this world or beyond
Come between our special friendship bond
Matured beyond fond

Our love weathered infatuations that simply adore
Passing early flirtations in early love afore
Now ye are me, and I am you
Hearts in truth as one eternity’s through
Forever two hearts beating an even rhythm's tattoo

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