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By Gary Jacobson

I was working on the computer late into the night,

when a message beeped,

"You've got mail,"

gave me such a fright...

but I got that warm,

fuzzy glow

when I saw I had five messages,

people love me...don't you know,

then my glow turned to irritation,

made me mad with consternation

seething frustration...

My messages were nothing but spam,

and not the by-product of ham,

but junk mail with which advertisers inundate,

must say I was just a little irate,

P'd off by unseen forces confusing,

that were good will and airwaves abusing.

Spam fills up my computer life,

with junk lending stress and strife.

Then my heart leaped,

hope through dark confusion seeped,

at the bottom the spam message read,

"If you would like to be removed click here,"

it said...

I clicked...

then leaned back and smiled,

as green light smoothed ruffled brow riled,

feeling calm and good,

spam artists _finally_ were doing what they should.

Then suddenly I left this place...

where I previously sat

was an empty space...

Like the message said, I was removed, just like that!

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