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by Gary Jacobson

Oh what a giant paintbrush He’s needing
To sweep across evenings sky...
Fiery reds bleeding
Violent colors from battlements on high.
Sparkling in creations vivid display
Great Ulysses has slain the day.

Send vibrantly warring oranges
Blend in conflicting purples
As colors surrender in the dying fray,
In myriad’s of streaks brightly gay
Darkly opaque troubles allay
Strangely calming to the eye,
E’en the Master of Heavens breathes a heavy sigh.

Give way to shadowed shade in umbrage
Give way the ethereal carnage
Give way the diaphanous light
To the mastery of crystalline night.

Merit is due the fiery combustion
For no man escapes contemplative meditation
Abiding in sunsets colored outburst,
Quenching wearying day’s thirst.
A solemn moment of relaxation
The horizon sky festooned in divine decoration.

Go deep into life’s concentration,
Mesmerize the serene salutation
Caught inescapably in the arrayed wonder,
That has tossed the sky asunder.

I almost feel for crying, dying day pity
Felt deeply in mortal beings acuity
Almost a commiseration.
My eye revels in adoration
Appears a saddened,
Yet pleasuredv Tear
Granting a solemn moment of redemption
Solemn quiet in silence I hear...

As I remember dying day with abiding affection
v Yet abiding thrilling chromatic aberration
My heart sings
Enfolded in nights gauzy wings.

With embracing night around me cloaking
My soul whispers prayers to the dark filling
Assimilating the day in reverential hue
Euphoria instilling darkning shades of blue.
For night lies quiet and still then,
Falling on melancholy men
When day retreats into murky night softly
In repose till day dawns gloriously.

There is nothing more beautiful than a flower
But a flower blooming in the sky...

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