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Love's Good Vibrations

I feel your loving vibration,
A delightfully carressing sensation,
Suddenly a sacred silence
Within pleasured stillness...
Love an omen of carnal presence
Portent of spiritual manifestation
Of sweet honeyed revelation
That shatters the soul,
Permeates being whole...

Love is sultry fevered wine,
Worldly yet heavenly divine
Within and without me
To the very core of me
Don't you see,
Your loving word
Sanctified in a cellestial sword
Soothing me
Comforting like unto waves of the sea.

In sweetest fragrant bouquet
In love's adoration I lay,
All cares dissolving
Broken by light of morning
Mid aromatic scent
Of heaven sent
In sweetened dawning...

Love's cadence flows as ethereal poetry
Immodest rhythms harmony
Of purely unblemished love
The Holy of Holies sanctified from above...
An act of supreme devotion
Fullfilling Godly consecration
Heavenly procreation.
Love flutters on gossamer wings
In true art where the heart truly sings.

Enjoy the balance of divine symmetry
Immaculate chemistry
Played out in dark somber night,
Delicate delight...
Shimmering light...
Bearing sweetness of french pastry
Love's noblest gallantry.

Dark till that fate laced hour,
Light of life sweet thrills empower,
Softest whispering hearing,
Flailing human hearts beating
Love at times looms so distant,
So devilishly persistent,
My soul capturing
The sacred inspiring
Endearing being possessing

In sanctified communion
Comes deeply spiritual union,
Your longing heart meets mine,
Aspiring to share the divine,
Shoved against me breathlessly,
Suddenly passionately,
In true loves dance of desire,
That sets souls on fire
Causing spirit flows
Of divine rapturous throes....

I close my eyes and you I feel,
Your body delicious hurtings heal
All around me real,
Tenderly vibrating
With sweet ecstacy,
In chivalry
Pleasuring me.

I find myself suddenly
Consumed with divine deviltry
sacred idolatry
At your thrilling embrace
Fragrant lace,
Racing in my blood of torrid pace.

Your sweet nearness blossoming
Senses coming alive exciting
Pumps a captivating perfume
Cupid's arrow shot with sweetest doom.
Pricking my skin with its longing,
Enthralled in silent belonging.

In the presence of your holy essence
Sharing life's delicious effervescence
Searing my brain.
Drive me nigh insane.
You are the harmony of life's song,
For which I fervently long.

Your beauty brings me to my knees
Singing sweetest melodies.
I drink your kisses
Drunk with the wine bliss is.

Drinking in abiding ardor
Delectable honeyed nectar
With abandon so sweet,
Lacking of discretion indiscreet.

I hunger for your coy innocence,
Shining radiance,
Mesmerized by charms
That totally disarm
Beseiged by you,
Captured by you,
Already missing you.

Your chanted mantra lulls me,
Entices me to be,
A flowing stream in dream I see,
Erotically innocent
Expressive love amatory
Enprisoned in being magnificent
Mesmerizing my soul,
Hypnotizing a spirit's whole.

The seed of you,
The immaculate power of you,
Forever is planted in my being.
I want to spend a lifetime
You always seeing.
I want to live with you,
Walk with you,
Talk with you,
Grow old with you,
Die with you.

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