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Wintertime Is A Gay Time
by Gary Jacobson
Dreaming of the gaiety coming with winter snows
Where merry spirits
Like the cool wind blows,
I look out on a frosty winter morn,
Seeing a fragile spirit reborn,
Frigidly blue,
Amid fresh snow serenely new.

In this winter wonderland of icy lace
Enlivened in chill winter's solstice embrace,
Swirling in my face
In the crispy-cold about to break,
Hoarfrost breath does evidence of vitality make.

In crystaline crackling the very air chimes,
Hearts bursting forth in wintry rhymes.
I look out on this world of crystal and ice,
Beholding beauty for which there is no price.
For the world with frosty lace is winter's fill,
Serenely still.

A holiday spirit fills the air,
As for a brother the world suddenly has care,
Showing family spirit increasingly rare.
With somber tear touching my eye
Filled with the wonder of love I sigh.

Though Old Saint Nick
Young children gayly pick,
The hallowed birth of the Christ Child,
A heavenly son so meek and mild,
Fills the world with holy love,
A Christmas love,
Endorsed from above.
Wintertime heralds the wondrous star,
Seen by shepherds from afar,
Of the babe so rare
Born in a stable bare.
For this blessed babe we fall on bended knee,
For the sacred Saviour who would set man free.
Drooped laced trees I see silver stemmed,
Locked in winter's blue chill hemmed.
All the world is festooned with a smoking mist,
The still caricature of blessed life kissed,
With the promise of renewal insist,
With resounding joy
For every girl and boy.

In the winter the greatest thing,
The most pressing thing,
You have to do is nothing.
For wintry contemplation
Brings thoughts of a hearty re-creation.
It's a meditation that stirs the soul,
Making splintered spirits whole.

Surveying the wintry morn is peaceful,
A tranquil effect making the mind restful.
All the world lies in shades of white hue...
Shivering blue.
But out of this fairy wonderland too
Comes life that's new
For me and you.

Out of this frozen mirror
A new future does appear,
From hearts all a melting,
a greater world bringing,
Brand new with lustered sheen.

As christmas snow fills the air,
Christmas love bursts from everywhere.
It's a time to give with your heart,
Of this great awakening be a part.

Make friends that will last,
Hold them fast.
With memories of Christmas love,
With snow falling down from above,
Treasure this feeling of joy floating in air,
In sparkling snow exceeding fair.

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