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by Gary Jacobson © 1999

Love tis enchanting like a peaceful cove
Which nature's mists to my soul betroth
Peace swelling in the rhythm of the tides
Where washed away, all worldly care subsides
Hypnotized in a world grace and beauty depraves
Listening to pounding power of the waves.

I can forever sit and watch
Charmed sparkles prismed waves catch
Spellbound in undulating flash playing
Watching sunbeams gayly lapping
Carried far and away it seems
Beyond earthbound care's routines.

I'm caught up in relentlessly surging power,
Heady salt spray a bouquet from God’s bower
Waves drumming from my soul worldly cares drove
Forever roaring sound to my spirit clove
Stimulating music's rhythmed beat clears my head
Transfixed by serene peace instead...

Into my heart comes calm to peace dispose
Flashing before mine eyes, life repose
No more worry in sweet rapture unhurried
Tranquility crescendoes with roar unsullied
Placid quiet coming in crashing interwove
A peaceful cove tis surely a treasure trove.

When the rat-race push comes to shove
Find white-capped wings of nature's love
To a relaxing place illusions retreat
Enchanted by the rhythmed beat
Stop...listen to the harmony of the waves
Filling weary hearts with musical staves.

Where rolling waves again and again repeat
Mesmerized by life's journey discreet
Hearing sounds which very sanity saves
Mundane and beleaguered spirit enslaves
Intemperate spirits dashing...
Splashing against rock and rill
Peace and comfort my solemn heart fill.

An ocean beats relentlessly on thy shore
Waking alluring spirits within, evermore
Cracking loud, powerful sound
Swirling round and round.

Resurrect impoverished being whole
To a peaceful cove that quiets a soul
Carry thy weary soul to a better place
Pendulous being born again by ocean’s grace
Now lifted aloft as on angelic wing...
Lifted above carnal world's Queen and King.

Spiritual essence find in peaceful cove's bobbing
Swept far and away to world's awaiting
Surging imagination in the heart throbbing
Lost in wave's bewitching
Gone to where ebbing flood carries me
At rest in the restless sea...

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