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Vibrant Autumn cloak


by Gary Jacobson
Autumn in Zion National Park Autumn sentinel
There is borne a richness in time
A season outrageously sublime
When the earth vibrantly comes alive
In vitality where very senses thrive.
When the whole world seems ablaze
Immersed in festive seasonal craze.

Before winter’s frigid rage
Passing joyous Autumnal phase
Its debt to summer pays
To quivering heat of golden rays
Paint glorious dioramas through sun prisms
Embodying nature's grandest euphemisms.

Festooned with glorious nature's fire
Enraptured senses canyons inspire...
During a season of electrified beams entrancing
Fevered enchantment in fiery red leaves dancing
Displaying burnt orange to bright canary yellows
Burnished golds that mortal man mellows.

fiery reds with bright yellows contest
To be the brightest under the deepest
Royally rich blue sky
White limestone spheres jutting to heavens high
Mother Nature almost garish in her resplendence
Showing opulent rich tapestries of abundance.
Vibrant Autumn sentinels rosy Autumn bliss
Gaudy Autumn falls loud, rowdy, almost mythical
Crackling seasons passing harmonies rhythmical
Mountains become almost a sacred place...
Verily, a holy place
Become a chapel of reflection
Blessed cathedral of benediction.
Autumnal fire gives sober, breathless feeling
Insignificance before great power reeling
Festooned with nature's golden yellow brick road
Singing that, "We're off to see the wizard," ode
With Dorothy, the Tinman, Lion, Scarecrow
Contemplating all natures vast riches bestow.
vibrant golden trails
Natures burning storms of intensity
Show an Autumnal light show in feverish propensity
Enflaming leaves in raptured frenzy
Clothing themselves in finite story commendatory,
Staving off winter's snows bleak and hoary...
In this last gasping moment of crowning glory.

Magnificence comes when the sun
Blistering in withering shades olive dun
The celestial equator crosses,
Earthly holdings in splendor embosses
Leaving air clean, cool, and crisp
Leaves but nature's confetti crinkly brisk.

An annual festival of summer's death bereaves
Ecstatically frenetic as the leaves
Seasons aglow in changing spasms
Autumnal fire showers blithe enthusiasms
The verdant forest gaily tosses
Around vibrant colored semiglosses.
hiking color country Autumn sentinel
Jack Frost's nipping at your nose,
Aglow with fiery prose
Poetic hearts pleases...
Birth to seasoned, blustery breezes
Mapled leaves in brightly tinctured passion
Give the season fiery fashion.

Joy adorned with engladdened hues bedight
Casts this carnival of fantasy delight
Leaves flutter in mesmerizing flight's ecstasy
Noble, high spirited, sheer tranquillity
Wearing cheery colors of jubilant bliss,
Baudy amour in a moments festive kiss.

Autumn far exceeds stuffybounds of propriety
Bearing heavenly lace inspired in delicacy...
To irridescent greens in fevered hue awakening
From lazy summers slumbering
Comes a bemusing sense of extravagancy...
Short-lived immediacy

Just a fleeting moment of passing time
Sets on fire this feeling sublime
Then the fire's suddenly gone!
Fallen to winter's breadth in melancholy wan
Ready after existence to commence the dying
Decrying enraptured hearts finite dimming
Falls last gasp tokening summers ending...
Vibrant Autumn view Vibrant Autumn trails
Autumns harmonious chime
Lingers on the tip of the tongue of wintertime
Majestic seasons aligned like fine wine
By the creator designed...
To capture this fragile moment of peace
Multiply it in hearts increase
Golden riches that will never cease.

Witness Autumnal wonderment as the very trees weep
Showers of gold into earth to keep
Pillowed through soft winter's sleep
Winter's snows covering its last hurrah of glory
From exuberance, giving calm that lasts a lifetime
Softened in nature’s harmonic rhyme.


by Gary Jacobson

Golden glow the arches
Glowing honeyed after summer’s lull
A season where a blistering sun parches
lazy, hazy, crazy days lolling wonderful.

Seek respite before crystal fairyland's storm
Zesty awakening between sleepy and raging scene.
Tranquil brilliance in icy splendor adorn
Sparkling in sacred stillness of quiet serene.

Paint lavishly with breathtaking color
Fiery autumnal inspiring sheen
Senses suddenly vibrant in dazzling ardor
Cascading glories careen...

One cannot but look in majestic nobility
Without composing poetry
Feeling touched by grandeur holy
Vitally alive in colored country
His great eminence impart
Evidenced on forested row
Divine reverence shot to the heart
Quickening joyful spirits a flaming arrow.

Bound deep to inner serenity of human soul
Witness the translucent forested dawning
To the very bowels of being bestow
To eternity hallelujah’s resounding
Rapturous shout to fiery show.

Feted forests in golden glory crowning
Last gasp passage of seasons red riot rite
Golden arches lavish festivals entertaining
Yet for awhile forestalling winter’s might.

Vivacious colors explode to bleak winter assuage
Advent of bitter wind and snow
Zestfully held back with fleeting advantage
For too soon upon riven forest winter will blow.

Looming overhead is a cold and solemn vulture
Who will without compunction treasures plunder
Deflowering forest’s golden adventure
Rending vibrant color asunder
Awash with paling winter’s pallor.

Old man winter will decapitate the trees
Sacking golden arches vindictive
He’ll despoil those fiery leaves
By his stormy nature instinctive
Laying a blanket of snows his taste conceives

With winter winds he'll for favor curry
Golden leaves tumbling, suddenly gone
To icy tempests awaiting unleashed fury
Awaken to somber chilled dawn.

But for a moment
The very world shines golden
In witness to summer hearts rising rife
To nature’s colorful presentments beholden
Carefree spirits in the summer blythe
In flaming revolution mortal spirits embolden

Before nature’s law
He will desecrate bare branches without malice
Quaking in sobered awe
Festoon them with shimmering shards of ice...

Shuddering beneath heaven’s sky
Trembling stars earthbound suddenly paling
Shivering for winter is nigh
To vibrant red hue in golden whisps blooming.

One shining moment of heaven’s brightest tincture
In forested profusion staining
Bid final fond adieu to earthly juncture
On the ramparts dying.

For old man winter will catch them up
Jack Frost using cunning guile...
Will soon the whole festive forest corrupt
But with style go the final mile.
Prepare a long slumber in chill abrupt
Know that ostentatious display folly futile
Before the icy breeze
Shaking the very leaves from the trees.


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